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Building Green

What is Building Green?

Being green should mean living comfortably and
sustainably. GreenPoint Rated helps you achieve your
dream remodel and allows you to verify that it was
done to proven green standards. With GreenPoint
Rated, you can have a healthy and beautiful home, all
while lowering costs and saving resources for the next

Green Point Rated Pathway

If you�re planning to revamp your kitchen or
bathroom, why not make it green? You�ll have
a beautiful, comfortable home that�s healthier
for you and the planet, and rewards you with
savings on utilities & maintenance.

The Comfort of Green Construction

With this three-step approach to home energy
use, you can reduce your energy bills without
sacrificing comfort. Making your home more
energy efficient and using renewable energy
will also lower demand on California�s power
grid and reduce your home�s impact on climate

Green Certifications

Embarking on a major home remodeling
project can be a rewarding experience. But
before jumping into construction, take time to
explore green alternatives. The choices you
make now can help you save money, increase
comfort, make your home healthier, and save
energy and water.

Making sure your Remodel is Healthy

Imagine opening a window in your house and leaving it
that way 24 hours a day, all year long. In the
freezing cold of winter and the sticky heat of summer,
with the furnace or air conditioner on, smart
homeowners would recognize they might as well be
throwing buckets of quarters out the window to pay for
the escaping heated or cooled air.